Friday, January 16, 2015

Corn Cutter & Creamer

Just added a new video to our YouTube channel. Wanted to make sure we got it up before gardening season. Check out how fast I was able to cut 125 ears of sweet corn in preparation for the freezer in the summer of 2013. In just 34 minutes I removed whole kernel corn from all of those cobs. I was working at a moderate pace, so a faster throughput could be achieved if you really worked fast. The key is to make sure the cutting blade is set to the right height and that you have a nice solid "backstop" to push against. The scraper blade should be removed or lowered. The shredder plate must be removed completely.

If you were going to process cream-style corn, it would take a little longer. For cream-style, you need to make multiple passes over the entire surface of the cob. This helps to get all of the sweet juice (or milk as it is sometimes called). The shredder plate would be in place and the scraper blade will be raised. Also for cream-style, be sure that the first cutting blade is lowered (or possibly removed) so that the very tips of the kernels is clipped. The "jackets" of the kernels should be left behind when preparing cream-style corn.