Friday, October 25, 2013

Reed Model #2000 Nutcracker

The previous post talked a little about the pecan picker upper that we sell. So, you have your pecans picked up. Now what? You can either crack and shell them by hand or maybe take them to a local "pecan house" to have them cracked for you.  When we have a lot of pecans we usually opt to take a feedsack full to the local cracker/sheller outfit.  For a few dollars they will crack them all for you and you can pick them up ready to shell (pick out the meats). If you are planning on cracking them yourself, it could be a tedious job. But our nutcrackers can hopefully make that job easier and faster for you.
This year we are pleased to offer the Reed Model #2000 Nutcracker for sale. It is American-Made and constructed of tough, reinforced plastic. It is light and durable.  Plus it is quite a bit cheaper ($) than other similar nutcrackers on the market. Here is a video clip of this pecan nutcracker in action.

Check out our website to buy one today, Lee Mfg Co.  Or ask for it in your local hardware or feed store.  Have a great fall!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Pecan Broom Pecan Picker Upper

Lee Manufacturing Company is moving into fall mode now. Pecans is becoming the central theme as we head into cooler weather. It won't be long until those pecans now hanging encased in a nice green hull begin to fall to the ground, hopefully without the hull! You need to start thinking about how you will go about picking up those pecans.  If you only have a small pecan tree, you will probably be able to get by with just picking them up by hand.  If you have a large, established tree or even multiple pecan trees, you will probably need to find a faster and more efficient method of picking them up from the ground.  We are proud to offer the Pecan Broom pecan picker upper for sale to all of our retail customers.  This is a top-of-the-line pecan harvester.  It has a gathering basket constructed of heavier gauge wire than most other pecan pickers. It will last longer and not be as susceptible to being bent.  In addition, it has a handle that breaks down into small sections that allow you to easily store the picker or to shorten the handle length. It works great!
As you can see in the video, it also comes with a bucket attachment that allows you to easily empty the pecans into a bucket.
The Pecan Broom with save you tons of time and help prevent a sore, aching back!
Get more information at our main website, Lee Mfg Co, or click on over to our Pecan-themed website at Nuts About Pecans.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Push Button Cherry Pitter

The Push Button Cherry Pitter is fun and easy to use.  It saves you time when pitting cherries for immediate use (pies and cobblers) and also when preparing for freezing. Lee Manufacturing Company is proud to offer this nifty little cherry stoner on our website. We have several other cherry pitters to offer as well. The cherry pitter is by far the most economical and practical cherry pitter on the market.  It is easy to use, so buy 2 or 3 and let you kids, grandkids or even husband help out! Here is a video of us using the Push Button Cherry Pitter to pit a few cherries for a fresh cherry cobbler. It was GREAT!!

All you need (in addition to the cherry pitter) is a canning jar (Mason jar). Just screw the Push Button Cherry Pitter securely to the jar and you are all set. Place the cherry in the "cradle", push the button and POP, the pit is in the jar and you are left with a nice pitted cherry.

The Push Button Cherry Pitter should work well with olives too, although we have not tried it ourselves.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Magic Fingers Bean and Pea Sheller

A few decades back there was an item on the market called the Magic Fingers.  It was very much like our Pea Sheller Jr. (Mr. Pea Sheller) and our electric Pea Sheller Sr. in that it had 2 rotating rollers that shelled the beans.  We found one on Ebay recently (see our pics below). We will give it a try on some peas and beans in a few weeks.  That will make for another post here.

Until then, there is a video on YouTube of a man using one of these.

You link this gadget up with a hand mixer (or drill I suppose) and you are ready to shell peas.

Check back here later for an update and video of how it works.

These are not available anymore, except at garage sales and ebay.  We sell two types of pea shellers that will help you greatly in shelling peas and beans of all types.  Check out our Pea Shellers website to get one!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Monday, April 1, 2013

Video of electric pea sheller

Our very own electric Pea Sheller Sr. (Mr. Pea Sheller).  In the summer of 2012 our boys were eager to help up shell a small batch of black-eyed peas from our garden.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Cherry Pitter

Lee Manufacturing has a variety of cherry pitters available!!

It won't be long until the cherry trees will be blossoming!  Spring is just around the corner.  Not long after that cherries will be making an appearance on cherry trees.  Lee Manufacturing Company has several types of cherry pitters available to meet your cherry pitting needs.  We have the small and smart Push Button Cherry Pitter.  This nifty device fits on top of your Ball canning jar.  Place a cherry in the cradle, push the button and BOOM, the pit falls into the jar and you are left with a perfectly pitted cherry!
We also have some larger cherry pitters.  These will really speed up the process and save you tons of time, especially if you have buckets of cherries to pit for canning and freezing.  
We have the Cherry Pitter Jr. (capable of pitting 5 cherries per stroke of the handle) and it's "Dad", the Cherry Pitter Sr. (this behemoth can pit 10 cherries at a time).  Watch the Sr. is action below!

These cherry pitters are sometimes called cherry stoners.  They are the same, the names are interchangeable.  You could also use these gadgets to pit olives as well.  

Check out our website dedicated entirely to cherry pitters,  There you will find more about all of our cherry pitters and also find out where to buy them!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New Item*** Gardener's Hollow Leg

Get rid of the bucket or bag when harvesting veggies and fruits.
Many, many uses in the garden or around the house!
Gardener's Hollow Leg

Here's the promotional video!!!!

Get ready to cut corn from the cob this summer!

The following is a YouTube video that Brent Williams posted showing the use of out Wooden Corn Cutter and Creamer (Model 101-P).  They are using the creamer to make cream style corn from the cob!

Don't wait until you are ready to pick your sweet corn before you look to purchase a corn cutter.  Get your today, easily and securely, online at  .  We also have a plastic (red or yellow) version and the gourmet stainless steel model (202-P).  These will last for years and years.  We get letters from people saying that they are using their grandmother's old Lee Corn Cutter and Creamer and that they just need replacement blades!  Follow the directions printed on the packaging bag and it will work well, saving you time!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Lee Manufacturing Company

The Lee Manufacturing Company now has an official blog.  You can find our main website at  Also check out our main company page at