Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Get ready to cut corn from the cob this summer!

The following is a YouTube video that Brent Williams posted showing the use of out Wooden Corn Cutter and Creamer (Model 101-P).  They are using the creamer to make cream style corn from the cob!

Don't wait until you are ready to pick your sweet corn before you look to purchase a corn cutter.  Get your today, easily and securely, online at  .  We also have a plastic (red or yellow) version and the gourmet stainless steel model (202-P).  These will last for years and years.  We get letters from people saying that they are using their grandmother's old Lee Corn Cutter and Creamer and that they just need replacement blades!  Follow the directions printed on the packaging bag and it will work well, saving you time!

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