Monday, March 4, 2013

Cherry Pitter

Lee Manufacturing has a variety of cherry pitters available!!

It won't be long until the cherry trees will be blossoming!  Spring is just around the corner.  Not long after that cherries will be making an appearance on cherry trees.  Lee Manufacturing Company has several types of cherry pitters available to meet your cherry pitting needs.  We have the small and smart Push Button Cherry Pitter.  This nifty device fits on top of your Ball canning jar.  Place a cherry in the cradle, push the button and BOOM, the pit falls into the jar and you are left with a perfectly pitted cherry!
We also have some larger cherry pitters.  These will really speed up the process and save you tons of time, especially if you have buckets of cherries to pit for canning and freezing.  
We have the Cherry Pitter Jr. (capable of pitting 5 cherries per stroke of the handle) and it's "Dad", the Cherry Pitter Sr. (this behemoth can pit 10 cherries at a time).  Watch the Sr. is action below!

These cherry pitters are sometimes called cherry stoners.  They are the same, the names are interchangeable.  You could also use these gadgets to pit olives as well.  

Check out our website dedicated entirely to cherry pitters,  There you will find more about all of our cherry pitters and also find out where to buy them!

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