Friday, October 25, 2013

Reed Model #2000 Nutcracker

The previous post talked a little about the pecan picker upper that we sell. So, you have your pecans picked up. Now what? You can either crack and shell them by hand or maybe take them to a local "pecan house" to have them cracked for you.  When we have a lot of pecans we usually opt to take a feedsack full to the local cracker/sheller outfit.  For a few dollars they will crack them all for you and you can pick them up ready to shell (pick out the meats). If you are planning on cracking them yourself, it could be a tedious job. But our nutcrackers can hopefully make that job easier and faster for you.
This year we are pleased to offer the Reed Model #2000 Nutcracker for sale. It is American-Made and constructed of tough, reinforced plastic. It is light and durable.  Plus it is quite a bit cheaper ($) than other similar nutcrackers on the market. Here is a video clip of this pecan nutcracker in action.

Check out our website to buy one today, Lee Mfg Co.  Or ask for it in your local hardware or feed store.  Have a great fall!

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