Thursday, May 23, 2013

Magic Fingers Bean and Pea Sheller

A few decades back there was an item on the market called the Magic Fingers.  It was very much like our Pea Sheller Jr. (Mr. Pea Sheller) and our electric Pea Sheller Sr. in that it had 2 rotating rollers that shelled the beans.  We found one on Ebay recently (see our pics below). We will give it a try on some peas and beans in a few weeks.  That will make for another post here.

Until then, there is a video on YouTube of a man using one of these.

You link this gadget up with a hand mixer (or drill I suppose) and you are ready to shell peas.

Check back here later for an update and video of how it works.

These are not available anymore, except at garage sales and ebay.  We sell two types of pea shellers that will help you greatly in shelling peas and beans of all types.  Check out our Pea Shellers website to get one!